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Welcome to Pro Ambitions Hockey Academy Houston!

About Pro Ambitions Hockey Academy Houston:

At Pro Ambitions Hockey Academy Houston, we have an over-arching goal to provide a safe, fun, and exciting youth hockey program that grows the sport of ice hockey in Houston and the surrounding communities. We'll meet that goal by:

Continuous Skills Development Across All Age Groups - all practices, from 8U to 14U, are developed and led by a single coaching staff. Practice plans emphasize common skills-based elements across all age groups, with added focus on complexity and game strategy in the upper age groups. This will allow all Pro Ambitions Hockey Academy Houston players to follow a consistent development path from one age group to the next, allowing more time to focus on skills instead of adjusting to a new coach's system. At Pro Ambitions Hockey Academy Houston, we follow the USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM) as well as leveraging the expertise of Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc.

Dedicated Coaching - led by Coach "P" Pijus Rulevičius, a former NAHL, USHL, NCHA, SPHL and Lithuanian National Team player, the Pro Ambitions Hockey Academy Houston coaching staff spans age groups to ensure that a common message is delivered to all players in the Academy providing consistency and continuity in their development. Coach P leads the practices for all age groups, utilizing his professional hockey experiences to emphasize skills-based development.

Increased Available Ice Time - as part of the skills-based development program, extra ice time has been secured and will be available to all age groups. During the fall/winter season, three practice times will be available each week.

Positive Learning Environment - youth sports often bring out the competitiveness in players, coaches, and parents. At Pro Ambitions Hockey Academy Houston, we strive to create a positive environment for our players, one that allows them to compete and push themselves while building up the confidence necessary to succeed both on and off the ice. Our coaching staff is dedicated to helping our players reach their potential while promoting a positive learning environment. 

Originally the Bay Area Houston Hockey Association Hounds, Pro Ambitions Hockey Academy Houston took on its current form in 2019. Directly associated with Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc. and drawing on the expertise of former professional hockey players, Pro Ambitions Hockey Academy Houston is uniquely positioned to offer a one-of-a-kind youth hockey experience that your child will not only love, but will help them develop their hockey skills. 

About Coach "P" Pijus Rulevičius


Coach "P" Pijus Rulevičius joined Pro Ambitions Hockey Academy Houston after finishing his professional hockey career in 2019. Having played at some of the highest levels of professional hockey, including the USHL, NCHA, SPHL, and as a Lithuanian National team player, Coach P brings a new perspective to Houston-area hockey. With unique insights into the skills and techniques necessary to be successful as an ice hockey player, Coach P strives to challenge each and every one of his players.  "It took me years to find the right coach to teach me the things I needed to elevate my game," Coach P says. "My goal with this program is teach those details at an earlier age so these kids can focus on the rest of the fundamentals - skating, passing, awareness."


Coach P also can grow a pretty sweet beard, has an affinity for anything hockey, and can certainly throw them fists ( (Note: the "Throwing Fists" practice is only for 18U and up).

Pro Ambitions Hockey Academy Houston has grown out of the former Bay Area Houston Hockey Association Hounds organization. Our home rink is at the Bellerive Ice Center (7300 Bellerive Dr, Houston, TX 77036). 


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Hounds Hockey proudly supports the USA Hockey ADM - click to learn more

Pro Ambitions Hockey Academy Houston proudly supports the USA Hockey ADM - click to learn more